#ZNation begins filming second season in #Spokane

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SPOKANE, Wash. –

Source: http://www.kxly.com/news/spokane-news/z-nation-begins-filming-second-season-in-spokane/33012880

On Wednesday a zombie jumped off the Trade Winds Downtown Motel in Spokane. It’s part of Z Nation’s upcoming season which the crew promises will be full of more exciting stunts.

The stuntman took a 40 foot fall onto an air bag borrowed from a stunt school in Seattle. In the scene, the zombie is chased and jumps into a dumpster full of other zombies.

The Z Nation team will be shooting at the hotel for the remainder of the week as they work on an extended fight sequence.

Co-creator Karl Schaefer says the upcoming season will have more action, more character development, and an exciting guest cast.

“I think the show is becoming a fun thing to come do, people like to come and play a crazy bad guy for a week, so we’re going to be attracting all kinds of really interesting [actors]to Spokane,” Shaefer said.

The new season will premiere in September. The crew will be shooting the season throughout the summer, so if you’re lucky, you may run into another cool stunt.

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