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Haunt Props for Sale



Haunted House selling the following products. Please contact Chris at (616) 666-1190 or email for Pricing Info. Selling everything by the piece or as a whole. All payments must be Cash or Cashiers Check. No PayPal. Shipping costs are negotiable.


Giant 7ft Standing Scare Crow Pumpkin Props with 6 ft wingspan.  Comes on sturdy metal base and collapses down for shipping and storage.

CONDITION: 1 yr old perfect condition.
USED PRICE: $499.00 each. Must buy both.
NEW from Creepy Collection: $749 Each

Gore Gallore Cannibal Kitchen

A complete package of Gory cannibal kitchen props to help any decorator get their job done in short order. ALL items also available ala carte.-Gore Grinder: nasty body in a giant grinder mounted on a heavy duty chopping block with a large wash tub filled with gore

  • Leg of Pam: chopping block with a sliced leg of pam
  • Fried Eggs and Sam: 2 fried eggs with a slice of sam’s face in a small frying pan
  • With a little chianti: sliced brain with fava beans and a little chianti in a large frying pan
  • Tonguesofsumyunguy: Bowl of bloody tongues
  • Stue: stew pot with a severed head, carrots, and potatoes in bloody stock
  • Chuck roast: chuck’s head with an apple in his mouth surrounded by carrots and potatoes, bones and such.
  • Nasty Noodle Pan: Pan of nasty noodles with severed fingers and ears.
  • 2 Finger noodle plates
  • 2 Ear noodle plates
  • 2 Stue Bowls 1
  • 2 Stue Bowls 2
  • Giant Clever: hand held weapon for the actor working this scene
  • Bloody Butcher Apron: to be worn by the actor workign this scene
  • Severed Head gore pile: canbe used as the table center piece or used else where in this scene

CONDITION: 1 yr old. Only used for 18 nights.
USED PRICE: $2,166.00
New from Gore Gallore: $2,666.00

Scare Factory – GIANT Leaping Serpent

Based on our most unique character armature to date our Leaping Serpent is easily concealed. When activated serpent flies up, over and forward landing its claws 10′ from their starting point. Character is designed to Leap over standard 42′ picket fence or other obstruction designed to conceal it. They will never see this coming and when they do they will run SCREAMING!

Condition: Great Condition. Never had any problems.
Used Price: $2,900
Wholesale from Scare Factory: $7,204.00

Scare Factory – Male and Female Zombiettes 799.00 Each (NEW $1,842 Each)

Zombiettes are free standing electric characters whose upper torsos rotate in a creepy zombie circle, no air required. High production value characters complement any scene. Left and Right zombie only. 110 volt electric. Plug and play. note – the middle character is an actor with a mask

CONDITION: Great Condition
USED PRICE: $799.00
Wholesale from Scare Factory: $1,842.75

Scare Factory Pumpkins Zombiettes – Bert & Gordie

Zombiettes are free standing electric characters whose upper torsos rotate in a creepy zombie circle, no air required. High production value characters complement any scene.

CONDITION:  These have been strengthened for the props to last. 110 volt plug and play.
USED PRICE: $799.00 each
Wholesale from Scare Factory: $1,842.75 each

Ghost Ride Productions Assorted Heads

10 frozen heads with some blood.  These are on strong cables for hanging.

CONDITION: Perfect Condition
USED PRICE: $110 each
NEW from Ghost Ride Productions: $164 each

Scare Factory Grave Digger Skeleton Prop $1200.00

6’6” tall animated character thrashes back and forth from the waist  Head, arms and upper torso articulate, lifting and then slamming down shovel. Includes character, stand, and shovel. Pneumatic unit is actor actuated.

CONDITION: Works Great
USED PRICE: $1,200.00
Wholesale from Scare Factory: $3,132.68

Scare Factory Drop Door Ghoul

A boarded up six panel door hides our ghoul, when activated a panel drops allowing an opening for the ghoul hidden behind to come blasting through with head thrashing side to side.

CONDITION: Great condition. Will send better pics upon serious inquiry.
USED PRICE: $2,200.00
Wholesale from Scare Factory: $5,316.68

Custom Clown Room Bus

DESCRIPTION: The bus is on wheels and folds down for easy set up and take down.
USED PRICE: $799.00


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