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The Scare Factor 2017 Haunt Review for Midnight Terror Haunted House

The Scare Factor 2017 Haunt Review for Midnight Terror Haunted House. Reviewed By Team Zombillies on October 14, 2017 in Oak Lawn, Illinois.



The Scare Factor 2017 Haunt Review for Midnight Terror Haunted House

The Scare Factor 2017 Haunt Review for Midnight Terror Haunted House

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The Scare Factor Score Sheet

Haunt Name: Midnight Terror Haunted House
Reviewed By Team Zombillies on October 14, 2017

Scare Factor (Total) Score: 8.55

Total Cast Score: 9.29

Number of Cast Members Seen: 80


Were the actors believable? 9.25

How interactive were the actors? 9

Did the actors stay in character? 9.75

How well did the actors work with their props and surroundings? 9.5

Were there enough actors? 9.75

In general, how well did the actors use dialogue? 8.5


Did each of the characters fulfill their roles? 9.25 | Haunt Vendor Directory

Total Costuming Score: 9.21

Were the costumes complete and believable? 9.25

Was the makeup realistic? 9

Were the costumes authentic looking? 9.25

Were the costumes appropriate for their scenes? (i.e. Clowns don’t belong in graveyards) 9.25

Did the costumes make sense for the characters wearing them? 9.25

If masks were used, were they used effectively? 9.25


Customer Service Total Score: 8.75

Was there anything TRULY dangerous? 9.5

Was the haunt easy to find and navigate? 8

Did the haunt provide queue entertainment? Was it effective at passing the time? 8.5

Were the staff members professional, friendly, helpful and easy to find? 9

Atmosphere Total Score: 7.68

Could you hear music/sounds before you entered the attraction(s)? 8

Upon arrival, could you tell you were at a haunted house? 7.8


Did the atmosphere OUTSIDE the attraction help prepare you for what you experienced INSIDE? 7.25

Special Effects Total Score: 8.59

Were there enough sound effects used inside the attraction(s)? 8.5

Were the sound effects effective/realistic? 8.75

Were the sound effects appropriate for the scenes they were used in? 9

How creative/original were the special effects? 8.25

Were the special effects effective? 8.25


How well were the scenes detailed? Did anything look out of place? 8.75

Did they have any impressive special effects? 8

How well did the haunt use lighting? 9.25

Theme Total Score: 7.8

Could you tell what the haunt’s theme was? 6

How well was the theme executed? 7.25

Was there anything that didn’t belong? 8.5


How creative/original is the theme? 9.25

Does the haunt’s location authenticate their theme(s)? 8

Fright Effect Total Score: 8.55

How scary was it? 9

Did they provide scares to the entire group? 7.75

How well did the haunt use distractions? 8.75

How predictable were the scares? 9


Did the haunt use different TYPES of scares? 8.25

Did the haunt have a strong ending/finale?

N/A: Outdoor chainsaw chase maze was closed on the night of our visit

Value Total Score: 8.5

How long did it take to go through the haunt(s)? 8
Walk-Through Time: 20.5

Was the entertainment provided worth the ticket cost? 8.5

Ticket Prices:


General Admission: $25

Has the haunt effectively used their available space? 9

Minutes of Entertainment per Dollar Spent: 0.82

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