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Haunted Attraction Network: Halloween Retail Begins, Horror Cons, Mickey



Article: Halloween Retail and Horror Entertainment News Roundup

Halloween Retail Kicks Off in Las Vegas

The Halloween and party retail season has officially begun with thousands of small and large retailers converging in Las Vegas. This gathering marks the commencement of Halloween stock orders, setting the stage for this year’s fall season. The Halloween and Party Expo, a one-stop wholesale destination, offers a range of products from party goods to advanced animatronics, shaping the buying trends for the upcoming Halloween season.

Horror Conventions and Events

  1. CreepIE Con, Ontario: Scheduled from February 2nd to 4th at the Ontario Convention Center, CreepIE Con is set to host cast reunions from classic horror films like “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and “Scream”. Fans can look forward to photo opportunities, meet-and-greets, and a mini haunted house experience.
  2. Monsterpalooza, Pasadena: Slated for May 31st to June 2nd at the Pasadena Convention Center, Monsterpalooza boasts over 400 artists and vendors. Known for attracting the brains behind some of the most iconic creatures in film, TV, and the haunt industry, early bird tickets are now available.

Mickey Mouse Enters Horror Genre

In a surprising twist, the earliest depiction of Disney’s Mickey Mouse from “Steamboat Willie” has entered the public domain, sparking interest in the horror film industry. Two Mickey Mouse-themed horror films are in the works:

  • Mickey’s Mouse Trap: A horror film featuring a masked serial killer in an arcade and amusement complex, targeting a group of friends. Aiming for a March 2024 release.
  • Directed by Steven Lamort: A horror-comedy involving a sadistic mouse tormenting ferry passengers, set to begin production in the spring.

Disney, however, maintains rights over modern versions of Mickey Mouse and has issued a statement emphasizing their intent to safeguard against unauthorized uses that might cause consumer confusion.

Winnie the Pooh in Horror

Following Winnie the Pooh’s entry into the public domain in 2022, February 2023 saw the release of “Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey”. A sequel is expected to release next month, continuing the trend of reimagining beloved children’s characters in horror settings.

Regional Haunt News

  • The Haunting of Keystone, South Dakota: This attraction received the Excellence in Tourism Innovation award and is known for its significant economic impact and community improvement efforts.
  • Niles Scream Park Scholarships: Offering scholarships to local high school students based on community service, economic need, and academic merit.
  • Zombie Jo’s Underground Theatre, California: Reviving the popular “Dark Dark Ride Ride” for a limited time in February, offering a unique theatrical experience.

Valentine’s Day Haunted Houses

Over 50 haunted houses are set to open in February to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Detailed listings and features of these attractions are available on the website.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights into the evolving world of Halloween retail and horror entertainment.



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