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December 2022 Issue of New World Horror Magazine



Please see the December 2022 Issue of New World Horror Magazine!

We have some exciting announcements that we will be making over the coming days and weeks heading toward 2023!

First of all, at our most recent Chamber Board Meeting, we voted to change the Chamber Leadership structure to best serve our members and the Chamber itself. The structure will help bolster the chamber and help propel our members and the industry forward.

The first of many announcements we are making will be that of our new leadership structure and those who have accepted the responsibility to fulfill those positions on the New Chamber Board.

President/CEO of the Chamber of Haunters


Robert Nulton

Bio: Robert Nulton founded the Chamber of Haunters to serve as a Chamber of Commerce within the Haunted Attraction Industry. Robert grew up in the industry working at his family’s haunted attraction in Central Pennsylvania. For 13 years he ran an organization that helped consult and assist haunted attractions all around the country. Having over 25 years of experience in the Haunted Attraction Industry, Robert has had the unique opportunity to be able to get to know a lot of great people and help to address difficult issues that have helped haunted attractions to grow and stay in business.

Robert is a small business owner/self-employed business consultant as well as a Real Estate Agent in Pennsylvania and serves in his local community and is a member of local area Chambers of Commerce. He is also the owner of his own local haunted attraction, Screampunk Haunted Attraction and President of Nightmarefest LLC.

Watch for further announcements of other Board Members who will be a part of the Chamber of Haunters to help the Chamber help its members have the best benefits and opportunities available to them.

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