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[#HaunterNews] Monster Trivia Blow Out Extravaganza: Save 50%



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What Is Monster Trivia?

Monster Trivia is Social Media Trivia for Haunted Attractions.



Why do i need Monster Trivia?

Monster Trivia allows you to boost your user engagement on FaceBook with a fun weekly or daily contest by giving away FREE Tickets to your Awesome Haunted Attraction.


How Does Monster Trivia Work?

That’s Easy! Follow These Simple Steps:

  • Post a Trivia Graphic on your Facebook Page with the Proper Text. (Text will be provided.)
  • Offer a Prize for Answering Correctly. (Tickets, Shirts, Coupons, etc)
  • Encourage people to LIKE & SHARE the Post to Enter.
  • Randomly select a Winner (or two) when the contest is over. (Usually 24-48 hours.)


Haunt Season if HECTIC!!! What if don’t have the time to post Monster Trivia?

With Our Haunt Background, We Totally Understand! You want our MONSTER TRIVIA SUBSCRIPTION service.

We have a Great Team in place to manage your Monster Trivia contest each week. We can take care of the Following:

  • Winner Management & Organization
  • Access to ALL 600+ Trivia
  • Mix & Match Trivia Graphics from any Volume
  • Custom Verbiage for your posts to maximize your User Engagement
  • “Weekly Promo” Graphics
  • “Weekly Winner” Graphics
  • Scheduling Assistance
  • Cross Platform Posting Assistance
  • Re-Posting on Monster Trivia’s Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ pages.


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