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Multi-Category Online Haunt Shops by Haunt Depot

Below is a short list of unique multi-category online shops that sell props, products or services to Haunted Attractions.

In this list we focused on shops that offer at least 5-6 unique product categories, sell primarily to Haunted Attractions and attend at least one of the major Haunted House conventions each year.

We did not include massive retail chains like Spirit Halloween or Halloween City or smaller online shops that specialize in just 2-3 product categories. Those vendors will be for a other unique lists.


Fright Props

From home haunters who want the most ghastly garage on the block to the largest commercial haunted houses in the country, haunters from all walks of death know that when it comes to animatronics, pneumatics, controllers, audio, props and more, FrightProps can’t be beat!


Digital Audio & Video Scapes, Digital Box Office & Concessions Menus, Website Design, Printable Products and Marketing Services, Digital Subscriptions, Downloadable Resources and Full Color Printed Goods for the Haunted Attraction and Escape Room Community. #HauntSmarter

Scare Products

Scare Products

Scare Products It is our goal to bring experiences to life through the immersion of sensory perceptions…what we see, taste, hear, smell, feel and FEAR!

Halloween FX Props

Halloween FX sells over 18,000 awesome halloween props and decorations at the lowest prices on and off the web!

Did we miss anyone?

If we missed anyone that should be on our list, contact Haunt Depot at [email protected] to submit your favorite Multi-Category Haunt Shop.

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