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Discover America’s Haunted Attractions with HauntScene



HauntScene on Fear Expo Live – Thursday, April 6th 2023

Discover America’s Haunted Attractions with HauntScene

Are you a fan of all things spooky? Do you crave the thrill of a haunted attraction? Then look no further than HauntScene, a travel show that has been exploring the best of America’s haunted attractions since 2015. From haunted houses to escape games to paranormal investigations, HauntScene has done it all. Let’s take a closer look at what makes HauntScene such an exciting and unique travel show.

Exploring America’s Haunted Attractions

HauntScene has traveled to 20 states and visited an impressive 112 haunted attractions. Their long-term goal is to visit a haunt in every state, making them a comprehensive guide to the best spooky experiences across the country. What sets HauntScene apart from other travel shows is their dedication to showcasing the entire haunt industry, rather than just a select few top-tier haunts. For HauntScene, it’s about the experience and showing viewers everything that’s out there.

Swag and Social Media Presence

Not only does HauntScene offer an exciting travel show, but they also have swag to give out to their loyal fans. From buttons to bookies, small figures of their logo, viewers can show their love and support for HauntScene. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube for all their latest adventures and behind-the-scenes content. Their easy-to-use website,, offers a comprehensive guide to all of their travel destinations.

Promoting Haunts and Networking in the Industry

Johnny, the creator of HauntScene, is passionate about promoting the haunt industry and helping it improve. He is currently working on personal classes for haunted attractions to improve areas where they can better promote themselves. He attended Fear Expo this year and had a great time networking and schmoozing with people in the industry. Johnny is always an asset to the community and hopes to do a live show with his fellow haunt enthusiasts soon.

In conclusion, HauntScene is the ultimate guide to America’s haunted attractions. With their dedication to showcasing the entire haunt industry, swag for loyal fans, and valuable resources for haunts to improve themselves, it’s clear that HauntScene is committed to promoting all things spooky.


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