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The Scare and Feeding of Haunt Costumes: Tips from a Professional Costume Designer



ResirWrecked Costumes on Fear Expo Live March 9th

Costumes are an essential part of any performance, and performers depend on their outfits to enhance their performances. However, proper care of haunt costumes is not always something that performers keep in mind. It is essential to maintain costumes regularly to avoid injuries or illness and enhance performance quality.

Who is Rob?

Rob from ResirWrecked Costumes is a professional costume designer who has worked with Walt Disney and Halloween Horror Nights. He teaches a class on the “Scare and Feeding of Haunt Costumes,” emphasizing the importance of using common sense and maintaining a clean and organized area for costume care. His expertise and experience in the industry make him an excellent source of information for performers and costume designers alike.

Photo by Donte Dellamore at Fear Expo 2023

Tips for Proper Costume Care

Rob recommends several tips for maintaining haunt costumes:

1. Check-In and Check-Out Process

Establishing a check-in and check-out process is essential to keep track of all costumes. This process ensures that all costumes are accounted for and helps with organization.

2. Invest in Costumes as Marketing Icons


Costumes can be excellent marketing tools. Investing in unique and creative costumes can make performers stand out from the competition and help build their brand image.

3. Keep a Clean and Organized Work Area

A clean and organized workspace is essential for proper costume care. Allowing costumes to pile up and accumulate can lead to confusion and disorganization, which can cause accidents or lost items.

Rob’s Retail Goth Costumes at Fear Expo

Rob also had a booth at Fear Expo for his ResirWrecked Costumes company where he sold his retail items and custom costumes, including taking orders for plus-size individuals.

A Horror Story From Theme Parks

Rob shared a horror story from theme parks, underscoring the need for proper costume care. This incident involved a performer who failed to maintain their costume, leading to an uncomfortable experience and safety hazards. Such incidents can be avoided through proper costume care.

Rob offered a Class at Fear Expo

Performers and costume designers got more insight into haunt costume care during Rob’s class at Fear Expo. The class offered an excellent opportunity to learn from an industry expert and improve performance quality.


Proper care of haunt costumes is crucial for performers to avoid injuries or illness and enhance performance quality. By following Rob’s tips for maintaining costumes, performers can ensure that their outfits are in top shape and increase their chances of success. Attending Rob’s class on costume care offers an excellent opportunity to learn from an industry expert and improve performance quality.


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