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“Yup, That’s Scary”: Your Ultimate Horror, Haunted House and Halloween Industry Guide with Willie May



Yup Thats Scary on Fear Expo – April 6th Thursday Night Fear Expo Live

Are you a fan of horror movies, haunted houses, and Halloween? If yes, then you’ll love “Yup, That’s Scary,” a podcast and live show that talks about everything spooky and entertaining!

What is “Yup, That’s Scary”?

Hosted by three passionate individuals (Willie May, Jarrord Isabell & Scaredy Cat Cat), “Yup, That’s Scary” is a popular podcast and live show that discusses different aspects of the horror and Halloween industry. The show provides honest and valuable reviews, covers industry news, interviews creatives, horror villains, and scare actors, and has special segments where the hosts discuss what is scary to them as well as the general public.

Listeners can access the podcast on all platforms, but if you want to see the hosts in action, tune in every Sunday at 2 PM as they go live on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch. The hosts offer different viewpoints and opinions, making discussions even more exciting and engaging.

Why is it Worth Checking Out?

Firstly, the hosts of the show are knowledgeable and passionate about the horror and Halloween industry, making them credible sources of information. The show provides valuable insight into the industry and keeps listeners updated on the latest news, trends, and reviews. Furthermore, the hosts are entertaining individuals who provide a fun and unique perspective on different topics that will leave you laughing out loud.

“Yup, That’s Scary” also interviews different industry professionals, including haunt owners, makeup artists, animatronics creators, and even horror villains. These interviews provide a better understanding of what goes on behind the scenes and how people come up with creative ideas that scare the wits out of us.


How are they Supporting the Horror and Halloween Industry?

“Yup, That’s Scary” is doing an excellent job of promoting the horror and Halloween industry by providing insight and entertainment to its listeners. Additionally, the hosts offer to conduct haunt reviews, which can help owners improve their attractions based on valuable feedback. The shoutouts and well wishes that the hosts extend to the industry also create an atmosphere of community and support.

Moreover, the live shows and podcasts generate interest and excitement among the listeners and viewers, who might be inspired to create their own horror-related businesses. “Yup, That’s Scary” is not just a show, but also a platform that encourages people to explore their interests and creativity in the horror and Halloween industry.

The Bottom Line: This is a Must-Check-Out Show for Horror and Halloween Fans

“Yup, That’s Scary” is the perfect podcast and live show for anyone who loves the horror, haunted house, and Halloween industry. From fun discussions to valuable insights, the show provides everything you need to stay updated and entertained. The hosts are passionate about what they do, and their unique perspectives will keep you engaged from start to finish.

So if you’re looking for a spooky podcast to keep you company during your commute, or if you need inspiration for your next Halloween costume, check out “Yup, That’s Scary” on your favorite platform!

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