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Emily Bloom, The Haunt Industry Makeup Artist Who Can Teach You A Thing Or Two



If you are passionate about makeup, you might have heard of Emily Bloom from Bloom’s FX & Design, a makeup artist with multiple skills in the Haunt Industry. Her skills extend beyond just makeup, with expertise in costuming, set design, acting, and networking. Recently, she was a Haunt Master Class teacher at the Fear Expo, where she shared her knowledge in wireless airbrushes, speed makeup for the haunt industry, and tips on how to save money in your makeup room. Everyone who attended her demo stage got a taste of live 3D painting that matched the props she had prepared meticulously.

Wireless Airbrushes And How To Use Them

Wireless airbrushes have revolutionized the makeup industry, and Emily is an expert in this area. At Fear Expo, she demonstrated how to use wireless airbrushes to achieve that perfect look for the Haunt Industry. Working with wireless airbrushes requires a certain level of skill, and Emily is the perfect teacher to help you master this technique. With her years of experience, Emily showcased how to achieve impressive results using this technique in no time.

Speed Makeup For The Haunt Industry

Speed makeup is one of the key skills anyone in the Haunt Industry must master. The pace is fast, and there’s little time to spare, so practitioners must be fast and efficient without compromising the integrity of the makeup job. Emily demonstrated some practical techniques that can be quickly implemented to achieve a faster and more efficient work pace. This is crucial in meeting tight deadlines, and in this aspect, Emily is truly the master.

The Art Of Saving Money In Your Makeup Room

The Haunt industry is an industry that requires creativity, but it can also be costly. There are many ways to save money without compromising the quality of the outcome, and Emily is an expert in this area. At Fear Expo, she shared some techniques and tips to save money without sacrificing the quality of the work. Emily showed that creativity can also be used to save money, and she gave practical examples of how little tweaks can make a significant difference in the long run.

Monster’s Ball and Body Paint

The Monster’s Ball, the highlight of Fear Expo’s Saturday Night, hosted by Emily. The ball showcased the scariest and funniest body paint costumes, and Emily was giving out top prizes worth $2,700 in total value. The event was a spectacular sight with some of the most creative and impressive costumes. Emily showcased some of her work, which included gaming characters painted in black light 3D. She also had more of her designs for sale in the 3D and black light area.

Photo by Donte Dellamore at Fear Expo 2023

Networking Business

Emily runs a unique networking business where she outsources jobs to connect other people in the industry. Emily is a firm believer in networking and working together to create something spectacular. Her network includes some of the best in the Haunt Industry and beyond, and she connects her clients with the best-suited people in her network to get the job done.

In conclusion, Emily is a unique individual with incredible skills that go beyond makeup. She is an inspiration in the Haunt Industry, and her presence at Fear Expo was appreciated by everyone who attended. Her expertise in wireless airbrushes, speed makeup, and her ability to save money without compromising on the quality of the work is something anyone in the industry can learn from. Keep an eye on Emily and see what creative ideas she comes up with next!


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