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Doug Schaefer: The Lead VFX Artist with a Playful Edge



Doug Schaefer from Art Guy Designs, Odditikis & VFXcreates on Fear Expo Live April 20th

Doug Schaefer is a well-known name in the industry of Haunt Practical Effects at VFX and is regarded as a top-notch designer and lead artist who creates stunning practical effects. However, Doug’s talents do not stop there, he also runs his own companies which includes Art Guy Designs and OddiTikis. Doug’s creative process involves a playful approach to ideas, which he converts into amazing products, some of his popular work includes bungee heads, Tiki mugs, and ceramics. In this article, we will explore Doug’s talents and contributions to the haunt VFX industry as well as his unique approach to creativity.

Photo by Donte Dellamore at Fear Expo 2023

VFX, Art Guy Designs and OddiTikis

As mentioned earlier, Doug is widely popular for his VFX work, but his talents extend beyond that. Art Guy Designs offers a variety of products which include T-shirts, masks, prints, pins, paintings, and more. Some of the most popular products include the Molly Zombie and her twin brother Munch.

Moreover, Doug’s playful approach can be seen in his work on OddiTikis, producing unique oddities with eye-catching designs, often reconstructed from previous objects.

Fear Expo & the Ultimate Haunt Tour

Doug has participated in multiple events where he has displayed his unique approach to work. One such instance was Fear Expo 2023. Doug offered a giveaway featuring his famous puppets and Universal monster shirts. During the event, he enjoyed the atmosphere and the opportunity to interact with fans.

Doug also attended the Ultimate Haunt Tour of six different haunted attractions. Despite the rainy weather, he had an enjoyable and memorable time. Malice Manor stood out as a particularly impressive haunt.

Current Projects: From T-Rex to Animatronic Puppets

Doug and his team are always working on multiple exciting projects. These projects include a Westworld-type robotic puppet, a scary T-Rex on a stick, and a wearable lunging puppet. He is also developing upcoming items such as the Jolly Chimp Tiki mug, a full-size skull bowl with a lid, a bat creature, and a non-electronic animatronic.

Doug is known to collaborate with other artists, and he encourages them to get in touch with him through his website. Doug’s work is not limited to any specific range of products or mediums; he can playfully create something amazing out of anything.


Doug Schaefer is a highly regarded name within the Haunt VFX industry who has contributed in multiple projects and collaborations. His unique approach to creativity, as well as its playful nature, makes him stand out among the other artists. Doug has delivered an exceptional range of products throughout his career and won the hearts of many people with his bungee heads, Tiki mugs, and ceramics.


His work is highly appreciated, and Doug continues to work on multiple exciting projects. We can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!

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