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Patrick’s Special Effects Team Brings Unmatched Innovation to the Haunt Industry



VFXcreates on Fear Expo Live – March 16th, 2023

The upcoming trade show (Fear Expo) is bringing together the best in the industry, with a range of special effects artists presenting their incredible creations. One team that stands out is Patrick’s from VFXcreates, who has been in the industry for years, impressing audiences with their diverse selection of puppets, illusion boxes, sound systems, and Bungee heads.

Inspired by the Best

The team at Patrick’s Special Effects company draws inspiration from a range of sources, including Westworld robots and Planet of the Apes. Their creations are renowned for telling a story and creating the perfect scene. Patrick enjoys collaborating with customers to create unique products, allowing him to bring ideas to life, even on a limited budget.

One of the highlights of the lobby display (at Fear Expo) will be the Molly Z “ZombieMobile”, created by Jose, who runs a Facebook page with a large following. People can sit in it and take photos with Molly. Reflecing Patrick’s collaborative work ethos, Patrick has been communicating with Jose and his wife, looking forward to meeting them at the show. The tricked-out vehicle looks amazing.

The Art of Connecting with Like-Minded People

Trade shows like this provide a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded people in the industry. Patrick and his team are excited about sponsoring the upcoming Ultimate Haunt Tour, which showcases some of the best haunts in the industry.

The Fear Expo team, who runs the trade show, was excited to have VFX as a sponsor as they’ve spent a lot of time organizing the event, and having Patrick (and his team) on board adds an extra dimension to an already incredible line-up.

A Trade Show Experience like no other

One of the great things about trade shows like this (Fear Expo) is the immersive experience they offer. Attendees will be amazed and entertained by the unique and creative products on display. To add to the excitement, t-shirts will be given away to anyone who uses the hashtag #ilovemolly via a random pick.

Promising to be an incredible and unforgettable event, the upcoming trade show will be the talk of the industry for years to come. Patrick’s Special Effects team is delighted to be a part of it, showcasing their unmatched innovation and creativity that will undoubtedly leave the audience amazed and inspired.

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